PCB/Machine Flap Brushes

Flap Brush-Abrasive

Our PCB / Machine flap brushes design ensures simple installation All are dinamically balanced to ensure safety in rotation for consistantly high quality output.

Available in flap brushes are primarily made from non-wowen abrasives. Same flap brushes are impregnated with synthatic Resins to enhance the action and life of the brush.

They are non-loading, non-glazing, and non-dulling. As they are used the flaps wears away to continually expose new abrasive.

PCB/Machine Flap brushes are available as:

  • Standard
  • Bristle
    • Plain
    • Aluminium Oxide
    • Silicon Carbide
  • Impregnated
    • Flap ( Foam/Plain)
    • Disc (Foam/Plain)

Machine Flap Brush-Plain

Major features and advantages includes Design ensures simple installation, all parts are dinamically balanced to ensure safety in rotation and are made from the highest grade of materials are used in the brushes

100300/305/450/600~200035 / 25.4 (1")
125450/600/650~200050 / 50.8 / 60 (2")
150600/650~200050 / 50.8 / 60 (2")
200600/900~20003" (76.2) / 4" (100.4)
30050~20005" (127) / 6" (152.4)
35050~20008" (203.2) / 10" (250.4)
40050~200010" (250.4) / 12" (304.8)

PCB / Machine Flap Brushes - Plain

Available in Two half type for Japanese Machines.



Fill materials:
Natural hairs, vegitable fibers, ferrous and non-ferrous wire as well as the synthetic mono filaments and abrasive Nylone bristles which are both specially made for these brushes.
Major features and advantages includes:
- Design ensures simple installation
- All types are dynamically balanced to ensure safety in rotation.
- Only the highest grade materials are used in the brushes
- Interior cooling is possible.


After being in the field of Finishing (consumable) we were inspired to develop Machines for optimum utilization of our entire range of products.

We now offer a range of Machines for metal and non-metal (PCB/PWB) in sheet form, coils or flat components. Both wet and dry processess as per individual requirements can be used for Finishing, Scrubbing, Surface preperation, Polishing and Decorative finishing. Our range also includes portable electric/pneumatic tools to suit different applications.

Flat Part Deburring Machine
Type - Universal

Types and Grit Size Chart

Aluminium Oxide (Std)....YesYesYes
Aluminium Oxide (Hi S)....YesYesYes
Silicon Carbide (Std)YesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Abrasive Bristle

Grit Size ->80120180240360500
Aliminium OxideYesYesYesYesYesYes

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