Abrasive Bristle Brushes


Our Abrasive Bristle brushes offer a new concept in final machining. They are manufactured using nylon filaments which have been thoroughly impregnated with a silicon carbide at the point of extrusion. The combination of different grits; the natural properties of strength, chemical resistance, stiffness, fatigue resistance, durability and high melting point, all combine to produce some extraordinary results.

Our Abrasive Bristle brushes deliver a consistent finish and a uniform rate of cut. They are non-loading, non-glazing.

Abrasive Bristle brushes are available as:

End BrushesWheel BrushesCup & End
Tube Brushes

Bristle Brush - Plain
Available in Synthetic & Natural materials in various diameters of Bristle and length. Can be made upto any size and shape as mentioned in Grit Table at the bottom of this page.

Circular Brush
Abrasive Bristle Brushes
Abrasive Bristle brushes characteristics are such that the filaments flex at all angles when in contact with the work surface, fitting the contours of the item being worked. Pads, belts and wheels cannot deliver the same.

For hard-to-reach areas, profiling, deburring, polishing and all forms of product finishing, the abrasive bristle brush is suitable for a whole range of applications that other brushes are incapable of solving.

Outstanding features and advantages of these brushes includes:

  • a cutting action caused by the nylon filaments being impregnated with silicon carbide.
  • uniform abrasive action ensured by the unique construction of the filament.
  • high elasticity and flexibility without danger of breaking.
  • residues will not clog up to the fill material.
  • low absorption rate renders the product suitable for both wet and dry applications.
  • good resistance to weak acids and bleaching solutions.
  • trimming of the fill material is unnecessary in normal use.
  • long brush life ensured by adequate R.P.M. (16m-22m/sec), low contact pressure and slight development of heat.

Polishing Bristle Brushes

These brushes are extremely economical and reliable in operation. Several brushes can be assembled together on a shaft when a wider faced brush is required to deliver a consistent finish and a uniform rate of cut.

Abrasive Bristle Brushes ( bottle cleaning type )

Indispensable brushes for cleaning the inside of holes and finishing non-ferrous metals, steel and cast iron pieces.Specially suited for the deburring of cross drillings, steering parts, o-ring slots and cylindrical bores and many other work pieces.

Used either as a hand tool or fixed to stationary machine these brushes will enable good working results to be achieved at low costs.

Types and Grit Size Chart

Abrasive Bristle Brush
Grit Size ->80120180240320500
Aluminium OxideYesYesYesYesYesYes

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